Imperialism Unmasked

Imperialism Unmasked

2017 was a clarifying year; it managed to make international politics sincere and put the foreign policy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace, to the test. There are no longer any possible doubts: American unilateralism and imperialism have been reaffirmed. Many people in the world tended to get confused after Barack Obama’s smile and friendly way of working, ruling out the devastating nature of the current empire. The truth is more than evident today.

Those who thought that terrorist groups in the Middle East arise spontaneously without funding and support from the Pentagon were left without pretexts and arguments, as well as those who maintained the illusion when affirming that Washington no longer interferes in the internal affairs of other countries, or finances destabilizing plans and coups d’état; or that the Department of State no longer forges electoral frauds at its convenience, or creates tendentious propaganda in the media to justify subsequent war actions.

What a misbelief of those who claimed that the U.S. agencies do not plan and develop relentless financial persecutions against entire peoples to make their economies “scream” and make government changes by force.

Those who claimed that the U.S. does not consider Russia and China as its staunch rivals and competitors were wrong, in the style of the Cold War; and also, those who came to think that the United States was rectifying and was going to respect multilateral institutions and Public International Law; but even worse, those who once believed that the U.S. responsibly would comply with the Paris Agreement on climate change; as well as those who denied that the Department of State is capable of economically pressing equal states if they dare to hold sovereign positions in the UN in matters concerning the Middle East.

Many analysts claimed that the arrival of wealthy businessmen to power in our countries has nothing to do with Washington; others suggested that Washington no longer dominated the OAS, or that it would not use it to attack and interfere in the internal affairs of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Even many opinion makers in the world came to question the inexorable thesis of the dominance of the industrial-military complex or that the American economy is nourished and energized through the production and sale of military equipment and weapons, that is, through the generation of wars and bloodsheds.

Those who thought -or wanted to believe- that these irrefutable facts were myths or inventions of the “communists, leftists and ecologists” have witnessed, as the whole world has, the irrefutable veracity of those practices, policies and actions, in light of the frankness by President Donald Trump who has proudly unveiled and assumed the intellectual and material authorship of all those violations to the international order (recognition that is appreciated).

As the lawyers state: When there is admission by a party, no proof is required. It has been indisputably and emphatically demonstrated that imperialism not only exists, but given the signs of its decline and the evident failure of its economic support system and pensée unique, it has fallen into a phase of aggressive desperation, posing the main threat for humanity, as usually and ordinarily every imperial threat does. As the multipolar world is consolidating, the actions of the main actors of the imperial framework become more dangerous.

In a U.S. university, a questioned and very weak Latin American businessman-president, very close to Washington, was very candid when describing the role that the United States and the Latin American right gives our people and their governments: “Latin America is a nice dog sleeping on the carpet, which does not cause any problem.” The discriminatory and racist treatment that the White House has shown towards our countries in recent months confirms this theory of submission.

The active imperialist offensive in Our America has been clearly demonstrated by the building of walls between peoples; expulsion and cruel treatment of migrants; repealing of preferential treatment policies granted to the Caribbean and Central American countries; economic sanctions and financial persecutions; permanent interference in the internal affairs; arrogant exercise of the economic power to control our countries, including humiliating actions during renegotiations of trade treaties, among other affronts.

From his position in the ineffable OAS, the dishonourable Mr. Luis Almagro flaunted discipline when following the Washington’s orders by means of countless hours of work, considerable efforts and incalculable resources invested to the solely purpose of overthrowing the Government of Venezuela. His induced behaviour is, undoubtedly, a part of the unveiled strategy of the imperialist offensive in the hemisphere.

However, his efficiency has been poor. President Maduro not only remains in office but has accumulated victories, one after the other. We can say in favour of Mr. Almagro that he has been very efficient for bringing the OAS to the Intensive Care Unit of history: It remains morally in an irreversible vegetative state, and politically, in a ridiculous dysfunctional state of absolute futility.

Imperialism, anxious and furious because of the inefficiency of its actions and those ordered to the incompetent Venezuelan right-wing, aimed at finishing the Bolivarian Revolution, decided to attack from all fronts. The Department of State –always accompanied by the CIA– deployed its resources across Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as in Europe –by ordering to sanction Venezuela– and governments in the five continents.

Imperialism used Canada for leading a herd of subdued governments of the hemisphere to try pushing the Government of Caracas into the corner; it also made thousands lobbies at United Nations in both the Human Rights Council and the Security Council, exercising pressure and seeking for support in its obssession of pursuing Venezuela. In all cases imperialism was defeated.

And precisely, the arrival of the supremacist and racist administration of Donald Trump pulled away the veil, allowing us to demonstrate -even by default- its real nature. The main argument for attacking the Bolivarian Revolution has been the human rights issue.

Well, allow me to avoid the details of the situation of permanent violation of human rights by the U.S. governments in their own country and worldwide, and let me quote an eloquent paragraph about this issue, taken from the Venezuela’s speech at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, which responded the immoral assertion by the U.S. Permanent Representative in that organization, which states that Cuba and Venezuela do not deserve to be members of the UN Human Rights Council:

If there is country that does not deserve belonging to the UN Human Rights Council is precisely the United States of America. It is the main violator of human rights, not only in its territory but in the whole world; unjustified wars, bombardment in civilian populations, clandestine prisons where torture methods are applied, imposition of illegal unilateral actions against the economy of several countries, different kinds of economic pressure, and rash migratory policies.

The U.S. is the only country that has dared to use nuclear weapons against another people, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. It is a country that led the invasion to Iraq in 2003 violating the essential institutionalism of the UN, arguing the search for weapons of mass destruction they never found, regardless of more than a million deaths caused by this bloody military operation.

The U.S is building a wall in the border with Mexico, and there are proposals for a bill to collect 7% of the immigrant’s remittances, not for their social security but rather to finance the building of this shameful wall.

By using verifiable data from UN organs and rapporteurships, we can conclude that: the U.S has not yet ratified 62% of the main treaties on Human Rights; in the U.S there is no independent institution for the defense and promotion of Human Rights; the Special UN Rapporteur on Extrajudicial and Arbitrary Executions denounces the lack of independence of the judiciary power in the U.S; solitary confinement is an extended practice in that country.

In the U.S. the number of homeless people reaches 3.5 million (1.5 million children amongst them); 28% of the poor people do not have access to the healthcare system; the maternity death rate has dramatically increased in the last years; 10,000 children are confined in prisons for adults, children can be sentenced to life imprisonment (70% are African American children).

The Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education has denounced the use of electric discharges and physical means of coercion in education centers in the U.S; it is one of the 7 countries of the world that has not ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women; in the U.S paid maternity leave is not mandatory; denunciations on police abuses, specially against the African American population, are common; over than 10 million African American are still living in poverty, and half of them in misery.

The U.S. is a country where slavery is supposed to be abolished, but the 13th Amendment permits slavery as a modality of criminal conviction; one in three American indigenous women is raped during their lifetime; It is a country where not only racial discrimination has not been overcome, but it has been intensified in the supremacist positions of the current government”.

After political violence was defeated in Venezuela (largely funded by the U.S. centers of power) thanks to the people’s election of the National Constituent Assembly which brought us peace, and when the most diverse actors were preparing for new democratic debates and even for reopening the dialogue process, the U.S government showed again its true colours by imposing a series of unilateral coercive and illegal actions against the Venezuelan economy. This way, the U.S reinforced and made official the financial persecution against Venezuela, which has been taking place rudely since the times of Obama.

We are not referring to the individual and harmless senseless actions against the civil servants of the government, members of the Electoral Council or the Constituent Assembly. We are referring to actions aimed at preventing Venezuela from receiving funding or making international transactions so as to comply with the country’s commitments and purchase raw material or end products to satisfy the needs of the people. It is a form of blockade similar to the one they have imposed to the sisterly Republic of Cuba during five decades.

The aforementioned actions are aimed at making the Venezuelan economy scream that is, make the people scream, so as to force the fulfilment of their imperialist will in Venezuela. Such actions are also aimed at avoiding any form of dialogue between the political actors.

While these so-called sanctions have caused damage, they have also contributed to raising even more the anti-imperialist and libertarian awareness of Bolivar’s people. Furthermore, these unilateral decisions have made President Maduro’s government find ways to promptly break away from the U.S economy and the slaving U.S dollar standard.

Venezuela has been creating alternative routes to start decreasing the effects of Washington illegal sanctions to its very minimum, through alliances with China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and ALBA countries, among others. And it, once more, consolidates a new form of economic relations with new exchange standards that strengthen the Venezuelan economy in its efforts to become independent and overcome the oil-rentier model imposed in the 20th century.

From Venezuela, today we wave, once more, the banners of all those who have shown that imperialism, whatever face it shows, is not invincible or unquestionable. Let us evoke the “flashing instant” stated by the German thinker Walter Benjamin; the five-point star of Ho Chi Minh and the brave Vietnamese people; the immeasurable feat of the Sierra Maestra bearded people, and the resistance for almost six decades to the siege of different generations of vultures that flutter over the island without being able to break the dignity of the Cuban people; the feat of the libertarian Angola in the depths of Africa that still resounds between drums and ancestral rhythms. History teaches us that only the determination of a united and conscious people can face any imposition, any opprobrium and every force of domination.

There will be new challenges for our America in 2018. Unity must be a fundamental principle of resistance, struggles and triumphs against imperialism. Beyond the notion of integration, we refer to the real UNION, the original, the Bolivarian. The unionist spirit of the peoples is in the essence of ALBA and Petrocaribe, which is strengthened in times of imminent imperialist offensive.

We must strengthen the autonomous integration mechanisms of Latin America and the Caribbean -which today suffer external attacks and attempts of implosion- having the ALBA as its virtuous core. The solidarity, complementarity and social and economic justice shall prevail against the new attempts of annexation by the capital.

The process of dialogue shall progress in Venezuela. As President Maduro said, come rain or shine, there shall be presidential elections this year. The conscience of the peoples which have Bolivar as a guide and example shall be imposed over the unconsciousness of the submissive elites that exist and preserve privileges thanks to the Monroe Doctrine and the fracturing effort of domination over our people.

The Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace shall continue defending the dignity of a people determined to be free and independent, and the right of humanity to peace and justice. Thinking about the months to come, and although it may seem repetitive, we cannot but remember the slogan and reflection of struggle that Commander Chavez left us printed in our minds just over 5 years ago: Unity, Struggle, Battle and Victory!

We shall prevail. Always!

Jorge Arreaza M.

January 2nd, 2018


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